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Why Join Arab Academy

Here Are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join

Leaders in Online Education

Arab Academy is the leading provider of Arabic language courses. But did you know that we pioneered the first ever online Arabic Courses almost 15 years ago!

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Middle East Culture

Situated in the heart of Cairo, the Arab World’s cultural capital, it is natural for our culture to be effortlessly inter-woven throughout all our course material.

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Expert Teachers

Student-Teacher interaction is an integral part of our program. With our dedicated & qualified native-speaking teachers, you will always find the guidance you need.

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Most Robust

All our courses are based on the most widely respected international academic guidelines, as well as the communicative and task-based approaches of learning.

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Tailored Solutions

With over 150 courses, we can choose from:
– Courses for all ages from 5 years to adults
– Courses for all proficiency levels
– Standard or Colloquial Arabic

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Fun & Interactive

Our courses are based on engaging life-like stories. Use your own personalised Progress Tracker Tool for immediate feedback & motivation.

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Effective Support

Our dedicated Customer Support Team is always on hand to you with any issue, whether big or small, through our Live Help feature.

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360º Services

We are unique in offering the full range of Arabic services: online courses, individual speaking classes, study abroad programs, teacher training & an Arabic proficiency test.

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Trusted Worldwide

We are proud partners of many highly respected institutions, universities and schools from around the world.

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Track Record

Find out why students from 194 countries around the world are recommending Arab Academy.

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