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We are undeniably proud of how far we have come since Arab Academy was first established since 1997. Of course, numbers matter in today’s world and we cannot claim not to be pleased that Arab Academy’s courses are now being taught in 194 countries around the world (not bad considering there are a total of 203 countries!). But more importantly for us, each individual success story matters much more, stories such as “words cannot describe how proud I was I first found myself conversing with a taxi driver entirely in Arabic, a few weeks ago this would have seemed impossible”! It is those highly personal success stories that students share with us each day that fuel our desire to provide an even better learning experience for you.

So yes we are passionate about helping you learn Arabic – both the language and the culture. We know we are very good at it and we want to keep the success stories (link to student profiles) coming! But please do not just take our word for it. We invite you to take a moment to see a sample of our client list, read some of our student testimonials and watch America’s NBC’s feature on Arab Academy.

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