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Arab Academy is the leading provider of Arabic language courses. But did you know that we pioneered the first ever online Arabic courses in 1997?

Our founder, Sanaa Ghanem, always strove to integrate the latest technology with new teaching methodologies to make language learning easier, more accessible, and more enjoyable to people worldwide. This was one of the founding principles of Arab Academy, and it is a principle that is very much alive to this day.

Here are two interesting facts about Arab Academy’s history which will help showcase this spirit:

  • Sanaa Ghanem, founder of Arab Academy, created a series of interactive CD-ROMs, entitled “Learn Arabic” in 1995. They quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and won “Best Educational Program in the Middle East” at Gitex Dubai in 1996.
  • Arab Academy launched the first ever Arabic courses to be taught online, as early as 1997. To put this into perspective, many of the world’s major languages were not yet available to be taught online at that time, not even the English language!

Arab Academy is undoubtedly the front-runner in online language learning and we think that says something about our teaching approach. To read more about Arab Academy’s history, visit our Staff Profile section to read our founder’s profile.

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