Middle East Culture

Situated in the heart of Cairo, the Arab World’s oldest and largest capital, it is natural for our culture to be effortlessly interwoven throughout all our course material.

When you sign up to any of our courses, you would not just be learning Arabic, you would also be getting a real feel for the Arab world’s customs, traditions and even idiosyncrasies! In many ways, this is to be expected, given that we are situated near Tahrir Square, in the heart of downtown Cairo, which is commonly referred to as the “cultural capital” of the Middle East! Whether by design, by default or a combination of both, you will find that elements of Egyptian and Middle Eastern culture are effortlessly interwoven in all our online courses and speaking classes. Of course, if that little online taster of our culture has successfully wet your appetite for an even bigger cultural experience, we would encourage you to learn more about our Study Abroad Programs in Egypt.

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