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Arabic Alphabet

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This is a flash demo introducing you to the basics of the Arabic alphabet.

This flash shows you the letters of the Arabic alphabet. When you join Arab Academy’s courses, you will learn how to pronounce and write those letters. You will also learn the different consonants and vowels in Arabic.

The letters of the Arabic alphabet have up to 4 shapes depending on their position in the word: intitial, medial, final attached, final isolated. The good news is that letters of the Arabic alphabet have no capital letters. Arabic letters are curved in such a way to enable you to produce beautiful scriptures.

Arab Academy has been delivering courses online since 1999. Join our program to learn Arabic using a well tested system and a highly interactive program. Our teachers will meet you, chat with you, and will help you pronounce the letters, words and produce sentences. We even have Arabic classes for kids. Learning Arabic is easy with Arab Academy.

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