Arabic Language Proficiency Test

What is the Arabic Language Proficiency Test?

Arab Academy’s Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is the global standard for measuring student proficiency levels in Arabic. There are five fundamental skills that are measured on the exam: Listening Comprehension, Reading, Structure, Writing, and Speaking.

The ALPT was developed in 2002 by leading experts in the field of Arabic Language Training. Arab Academy has partnered with these experts and has contributed to the further development of the Arabic Language Proficiency Test.

The ALPT currently serves as the global Arabic language proficiency standard in terms of reliability and validity. The test is adaptive in nature, allowing participants of all proficiency levels to be accurately assessed.

What are the advantages of using the Arabic Language Proficiency Test?

  • It is the highest form of Arabic proficiency test online
  • Accurately place students into the appropriate Arabic language course levels
  • Assesses the effectiveness of Arabic language courses and programs through pre and post-program testing
  • Evaluate test-takers and their likelihood of success prior to admission to Arabic language programs or Arab universities
  • Facilitate admission to academic programs that need a minimum level of Arabic fluency
  • Provide proof of Arabic language fluency for employees who need to present such certificates to current or prospective employers

Test Structure:

The Arabic Language Proficiency test is structured in a computer adaptive format. It consists of five sections: listening, reading, grammar, writing and speaking.

The first three parts of the Arabic proficiency test are in multiple-choice format, the fourth part is an open ended question and the fifth part is conducted by an Arabic teacher. Each part assesses a different language skill. The test varies in length depending on how many questions it takes to accurately gauge student proficiency.

Test Format:

The Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is administered in a Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT) format. This means that ALPT requires each test-taker to have access to a computer with an active Internet connection. The Internet connection is required because ALPT is hosted on Arab Academy’s web-servers. The test is only allowed to start in the presence of an Arab Academy registered instructor or invigilator.

Arabic Language Proficiency Test Endorsement

The Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT) is endorsed by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). There are 56 member countries under ICCI that include all 22 Arab countries as well as 34 countries in Africa and Asia. ALPT is further endorsed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Indonesia (MORA) which has signed a cooperation agreement with the Arab Academy that relates to the utilization of ALPT at universities, institutes and schools.

How do I sign up to take the Arabic Language Proficiency Test?

Arabic Language Proficiency Test is used by schools, universities and organizations worldwide to assess Arabic proficiency for placement, monitoring and/or examination purposes. If you are interested in using ALPT at your school, university and/or organization, please reach out to us directly for further information on procedures and pricing.

This Arabic proficiency test can also be used by individuals to demonstrate proficiency for educational and/or employment purposes. Contact us today to schedule your test or get additional information about the Arabic Language Proficiency Test.

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