Themed around core concepts and ideas

Learn to speak Arabic through sessions themed around real life situations.

Deepen your understanding of Arab culture

Culture plays an important role in the Arabic language. Understand Arab culture in order to improve the effectiveness of your communication.


Move at your own pace and focus on what you want to learn. Enjoy the flexibility that would allow you to learn Arabic without affecting your other commitments.

Supplemented with historical facts and analogies to maximize retention

Speak Arabic from day one with our friendly and qualified teachers of Arabic. Break the ice and discover that you can communicate in Arabic with native speakers.

Animated and illustrated

Connect Arabic words and grammar concepts easily as you enjoy watching animations and illustrations to help you use your visual, oral and analytical skills to retain the target language.

Exhaustive and comprehensive

Lessons and activities provide you with a solid foundation in Arabic and help you improve your 4 language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


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