Arabic is a great language to introduce to kids between kindergarten and fifth grade. At Arab Academy, we offer comprehensive Arabic lessons for children. Our courses are designed around objects, environments children interact with, and situations related to their age. Here’s an overview of what’s included in our Arabic for kids courses:

1.    The Arabic Alphabet, Sound System, and Words

Children unfamiliar with the Arabic script or sound system can enroll in the Toutou course. The course introduces letters in sequential order, with words formed around letters your child has learned. Toutou also teaches the alphabet, terms, and basic sentence structures. Once your child learns the Arabic alphabet, they can progress to the Sameh course.

Sameh reviews the Arabic alphabet while enriching the child’s vocabulary through additional words related to their age. Your child will see the main character (Loulou) at home, school, garden, and other places. The child will also learn to read and write Arabic vocabulary and sentences related to their world.

2.    Guesswork, Stories, and Adventures

Arab Academy has various guesswork courses for children in different stages. Children who’ve completed Toutou and Sameh courses can begin the Guess Fruits and Vegetables course. The first iteration involves increasing the retention of other fruits and vegetables. The child progresses to learn the names and characteristics of items and how to ask questions.

We have the Guess Animals course, which centers on animals, their colors, sizes, habitats, and body parts. Your child will also learn about tame and wild animals. We have Guess Jobs, which is the third iteration and focuses on different professions, attire, tools, and places of work. All of our courses are presented in an adventure story format to help keep learners engaged.

3.    Characteristics, Manners, and Peace

Our Arabic courses for kids include Characteristics of Young People, which explores how to control and express different feelings. The course uses funny stories and interactive exercises covering emotions like fear, boredom, aggression, anxiety, and quietness. Your child will also learn characteristics such as being active or lazy and doing the opposite of what is said.

The Manners course teaches children the causes and effects of different actions through stories. We reinforce positive characteristics like helpfulness, cleverness, intelligence, loyalty, and truthfulness. The course also highlights bad traits like obstinance, greed, laziness, and showing off. We also have a short story on how people can live peacefully through cooperation.

4.    Juha and Arab Folk Tales

We have a unique Juha course that explores short stories based on famous Arab folk tales. The stores follow Juha, a funny personality that commits funny and stupid actions. We reinforce the message of wisdom through the silly comic activities of Juha, which is popular among children and adults in Arab-speaking nations.

Juha is a part of the Arab culture referenced frequently. Children can learn much about Arab culture, language, and experiences. Arab Academy also has an Adventures course with short stories teaching life lessons appropriate to the child’s age. Your kid will learn to be cautious, treat animals, care for friends, maintain good hygiene, and respect everyone.

Online Arabic for Kids

Your child can learn the Arabic language online from the comfort of home, where you can monitor their progress. Arab Academy makes learning Arabic for kids simple and convenient. The child will find enough resources and puzzles around daily topics like jobs, food, colors, numbers, animals, outings, and more. We use simple and comprehensive steps to put your child on the right track to learning how to write and speak Arabic proficiently.