If you plan to live or study in Cairo, Egypt, learning Arabic can be highly beneficial. Knowledge of Arabic may help increase your ability and credibility to foster strong relationships. At Arab Academy, we believe that the best way for students to learn Arabic language skills is by putting them into practice. Here are a few things to know about our Arabic in Cairo program:

Quality Immersion Programs

Be careful when choosing a school in Cairo, especially if you’re new to the Arabic language. Arabic schools that offer quality immersion programs have the potential to provide you with a good background in the Arab language. Schools that don’t offer quality immersion programs might take you longer to learn Arabic.

We take students on a learning adventure in Cairo through our immersion program. They get daily Arabic language instructions, including speaking, listening, reading, and comprehension. Check out the Arabic in Cairo page to participate in the immersion program.

Customized Programs

Customized programs may help if you want to be an expert in the language. Reputable schools and online courses create tailored programs to meet specific demands, like Egyptian Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, etc. Find a school that offers the version of Arabic that you want to learn. Compare the different types of programs offered in the school to find one that meets your needs.

We provide two versions of Arabic — modern standard and colloquial Arabic. Our course advisor will guide you through the courses available. They can also help you choose one that meets your proficiency and goals.

Broad Library of Online Courses

When selecting an online course to learn Arabic, take time to assess its products. Read reviews from previous students to better understand the quality of knowledge offered at the school.

Arab Academy offers a comprehensive library of online resources 24/7. Students can read the learning material in their free time. They can also arrange for one-on-one sessions at a time that’s convenient for them and ask questions. Our learning resources encourage self-paced learning to improve your chances of achieving fluency more quickly.


Cities in Egypt have a body responsible for approving and certifying Arabic schools. Such bodies make sure that the schools follow the set standards. Certification is proof that the programs offered are accepted anywhere you go. You’ll also be sure that the programs are fit for the curriculum.

Students can fill out an application. They will then discuss their learning objectives and needs with the program coordinator on the school site. If you have a previous background speaking Arabic, you’ll have to sit for a placement test.

Choose Arab Academy to Learn Arabic

Enroll with Arab Academy to learn Arabic through a trusted and effective resource. Our comprehensive and simple steps can help you finish your learning journey quickly and easily.

Visit Cairo and experience it like never before with our study-abroad program. This program also allows students to explore nearby sites and the city on their own time. Contact us to get started today.