Studying Arabic is rewarding as it can open career and personal development opportunities. You can work for international companies and better understand Arabic culture and religion if you’re proficient in the language. Arab Academy provides efficient online resources to help you with Arabic language proficiency. Here’s how you can learn Arabic online through our courses:

Enroll in Our Classes

The first step to learning Arabic is signing up for our classes. We offer an extensive range of kid, teen, and adult courses, specially designed to meet the needs of each group. All our courses involve reading, listening, writing, and speaking guidance offered by professionals.

You can choose the monthly package with four speaking classes, the quarterly package with five classes per month, or the semi-annual package with eight classes per month. All our packages allow you 24/7 access to our interactive learning platform library so you can review whatever you learn in class during your free time. We are highly recommended by over 100 learning institutions worldwide.

Meet Your Course Advisor 

We partner all our students with a course advisor to guide them throughout their learning. After enrollment, you’ll meet your advisor online to discuss your learning objectives and assess your competency levels.

Arab Academy offers four main courses: Modern Standard Arabic, Islamic Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial, and AB Initio /GCSE. Modern Standard Arabic can be ideal if you plan on working or interacting with Arabic communities. Islamic Arabic can be suitable if you’re interested in learning the Stories of the Prophets and memorizing Quran.

Egyptian Colloquial is the everyday Arabic language for Arabs in Egypt, so it’d be suitable if you plan on visiting the country. AB Initio / GCSE is specially created for middle and high school students. This course covers the Arabic alphabet and delves into school life, teen culture, home life, and social life.

Start Your Lessons

You can start your lessons at any time after choosing your preferred course. All our lessons are themed around real-life situations to help you acquire the knowledge you can use in your daily life. The lessons are also rooted in Arab culture, so you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the culture during your learning.

Our expert teachers use educational infographics to help you comprehend and remember whatever you learn easier. During your enrollment, you’ll learn how to write, listen, read and speak Arabic from native Arabic speakers, so you don’t need to worry about getting words wrong.

Your course advisor will guide you as you progress from one course to the next during your membership period. Expert guidance can keep you focused on your learning objectives, possibly improving your chances of gaining proficiency.

Learn Arabic Online 

Arab Academy offers some of the most effective Arabic courses globally. You can learn Arabic online by registering for packages, which give you access to various speaking classes and our extensive Arabic library.

Our course advisors can help you with the course selection process and guide you throughout your membership. We’re committed to helping you complete your learning journey successfully. Contact us to get your journey started.