Arabic is the sixth most popular language with approximately 420 million speakers worldwide. Anyone can learn Arabic, at all learning levels and age groups.

Learning Arabic has never been easier. Enroll in an interactive online Arabic language course today at Arab Academy. Our instructors are native Arabic speakers and have been teaching the language to people worldwide for over two decades now. In addition to having some of the best teachers in the industry, we also provide some of the most versatile and tailored Arabic learning programs.

Why Should I Learn Arabic?

Our online courses are designed for people who have specific goals and needs. These include:

  • Immigration
  • Employment in an Arabic-speaking country
  • Studies
  • Traveling through countries with large populations of Arabic speakers
  • Personal reading of various Arabic texts such as the Quran
  • Fun

If you’re moving to or visiting an Arabic-speaking country, learning the language will transform your experience, enrich your cultural knowledge, and overall make your stay easier.

How Long Will I Take to Learn Arabic?

According to the US Foreign Service Institute, it takes about 2,200 hours for a native English speaker to learn Arabic fluently. In reality, the time you take to learn Arabic depends on your learning plan, time commitment, and learning resources.

Our resourceful online curriculum and native-speaking teachers will assist you so that your learning is faster and more comprehensive. The time you put in also matters. You can’t compare the progress of a student who dedicates nine hours per week to learning Arabic with one who spends two hours per week.

Why Should I Choose Arab Academy?

Since its inception more than two decades ago, Arab Academy teachers have developed numerous Arabic and Islamic Arabic courses. The courses are designed to cater to the different objectives of students from all walks of life.

We’ve earned trust from numerous renowned learning institutions worldwide as a superior platform for online Arabic learning. All our teachers are native Arabic speakers and highly qualified professionals. We adhere to strict guidelines when hiring and retain only those who can provide the best quality of teaching. Our instructors focus their teaching on useful conversational areas that are applicable to everyday life and personal interests. This helps students learn Arabic quickly, as they apply the acquired classroom knowledge to real-life scenarios.

The course you select comprises a range of useful materials that teach the speaking, listening, reading, and writing aspects of the Arabic language. From Islamic Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial to Modern Standard Arabic dialects, we teach them all. Take your time to browse through our various classes for kids, teens, and adults and get a feel of what we are about.

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Learning a new language is both challenging and time consuming. Being patient with yourself, following instructions from your tutors, and regularly practicing will help make you a fluent Arabic speaker in no time. Our courses are designed to meet your learning needs. Whatever works for you, Arab Academy has your back.