El Qanatir El Khayreiyah

El Qanatir El KhayreiyahToday was a day of interaction for me, my students and my family. I had invited 11 students to visit my house in the Egyptian country side, where we prepared the Traditional Egyptian Pancakes known as Fitir. Some of the students had their parents with them and others brought along their teachers.

El Qanatir El Khayreiyah 2After finishing our academic day, we got on the bus and headed to El Qanatir El Khayreiya. I sensed that some of students were surprised to see what a real Egyptian village looks like up close. The unfinished brick houses and narrow dirt roads were probably nothing similar to where they come from in America.

El Qanatir El Khayreiyah 3I had planned with my family that we all make and eat Fitir.  It is made by hand mixing flour, water and gee and then taking bits of the dough flattening them and piling them on top of each other then baking them in a mud or gas oven. Fitir is usually made on happy occasions like weddings or when special guests visit. It is eaten as a desert or main dish, depending what it is offered with. We offered it with the traditional old very salty white cheese, known as Mish, and with the traditional sweet dip made of Molasses and Tahina. I was happy to see everyone eat and enjoy their food. After lunch we headed out to walk in the open fields, where we picked and ate strawberries. I was happy to have everyone and we said good bye on a warm Egyptian note.