Knowing Arabic is quickly becoming a highly-sought after commodity. Governments and international corporations are seeking employees who are fluent in Arabic.

Even when learning Arabic for fun or personal reasons, the added benefit of knowing Arabic can help you carry on a conversation and spark relationships with your Middle Eastern friends and neighbors.

Being fluent in Arabic will also be highly beneficial if you’re planning a trip to the Middle East any time soon.

There are many reasons to learn Arabic.

What language school should you go to in order to best learn Arabic?

The Arab Academy has been a globally recognized language school since 1997. The courses are entirely online and taught only by native Arabic speaking professors.

As a student, you can learn at your pace and select the right program for you. The Arab Academy has tracks for both novice and experienced speakers and include courses in Quranic and Modern Standard Arabic.

At Arab Academy, we know it can be difficult learning a new language. We provide students with additional resources and prompt, online support via chats with professors.

Here are some additional reasons to trust Arab Academy with your Arabic learning:

  • You can find a tailored learning plan specifically to meet your goals. We have over 292 courses to suit all ages, levels and interests (including those for kids, business professionals, native speakers looking to expand their language, non-native speakers, standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, and Islamic Arabic
  • Learn Arabic from a world-trusted school. Arab Academy has partnered with numerous highly-respected colleges and universities worldwide and have attracted students from numerous countries across the globe.
  • Be taught Arabic with a highly esteemed school. Not only is Arab Academy world-recognized, the quality of its programs is highly recommended by our students. In fact, 97% of our students would recommend us to a friend
  • Your learning is under the care of qualified teachers. Each teacher at Arab Academy is a native Arabic speaker and they are committed and dedicated to your success. Even though our courses are online, there is plenty student-teacher interaction and our teachers are always available via chat to answer any questions and provide additional assistance.
  • Flexible learning formats to ensure your success. At Arab Academy, we know not every student learns the same way. That is why we offer students the option for 1-on-1 lessons in place of the traditional group teaching format. We also provide each student access to the largest library of online Arabic language courses in the world so they can study, review and gain more knowledge in a specific area of Arabic that interests them.
  • We make school affordable with scholarships. School can be expensive and the costs of tuition, books and materials is one of the two biggest deterrents for many would-be students. At Arab Academy, we see the value of an education, especially in one of the fastest-growing languages. We provide scholarships to students who qualify for financial assistance. Money should not stand in the way of achieving your goals, getting that promotion at work or building important relationships with neighbors.
  • Become a fluent Arabic speaker in no time. The length of a program is something many students consider when looking for online learning programs. Many schools promise a fast completion time to attract students. These schools, however, sacrifice the quality of the education in order to give out certificates of completion quickly. At Arab Academy, we know your time is important, but we also don’t want you wasting your time and money on low-quality Arabic language courses with content that will be quickly forgotten. Our unique teaching format combines basic Arabic language fundamentals and combine them with cultural contexts and real-life examples and situations.

If you’re looking to learn Arabic quickly from a world-recognized language school that provides the highest-quality education, contact Arab Academy today to learn more and to register for a class.