A lot of us have spent hours wandering around stores and perusing ecommerce websites trying to find that perfect gift for friends and family.

It has to be said that the annual gift-shopping excursions in the holiday season can be a real source of anxiety for many people, though.

After all, what if they don’t like it? What if they already have it? What if you’re becoming known as the person who gives gift cards every year rather than really put some thought into it.

And, while people say that “it’s the thought that counts,” that’s really just a way to admit defeat and take the easy way out.

So, this year, let’s really consider what you could give someone that will create lasting memories, benefit them in their daily lives, and open up a world of new opportunities.

Sounds like a pretty tall order, right?

Well, learning Arabic really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a closer look at why you just might want to give someone these fun and engaging lessons this year.

What Are You Really Giving Them with a Second Language?

The ability to speak a second language is an amazing skill that can open doors to new opportunities for someone all across the world. That alone is a great gift to give.

But does it go a little further than that?

When you give someone the gift of another language, you’re really giving them:

  • A way to connect with families in other countries. Whether you’re visiting them for the first time or having casual conversations over a video chat, a second language can help build important family ties.
  • boost to their resumes. It’s a global marketplace out there, and the addition of a second language shows potential employers that they’re ready to take the lead on an international endeavor.
  • An understanding of another culture. Languages are tired very closely to the culture from which they came. As they learn to speak Arabic, they can simultaneously learn a lot about the different countries and traditions.
  • real workout for their brains. The brain is just like any other muscle. It needs to be fed on a steady stream of healthy food and exercise. There’s no better way to work out a brain like learning a new language.
  • An advantage in business. Arabic speakers are in high demand right now, and the better they get at the language, they more advantage they’ll have over the competition.
  • more fulfilling travel experience. Countries like Egypt continue to attract more and more tourists. When they can speak the language, their travel experiences will be a lot more fulfilling than the average sightseeing tour.

And all of this is just for starters. There are plenty of other benefits that students can expect from their experience. Increased memory, more focus, the ability to multitask, more self-confidence, and an increase in creative and critical thinking are a few of the known benefits of a second language.

In other words, the opportunity to learn Arabic is really the gift that keeps on giving.

The Right Gift for the Right Person

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your gift is perfectly suited to each recipient. In other words, you’ll want to get them signed up for classes that challenge their skills and push them to the next level without leaving them behind in classes that are too overwhelming or boring them with classes that are too easy.

Our curriculum is divided into courses for adults, teens, and kids.

  • Arabic for kids – Young children who are just staring out will find a lot of fun and engaging activities that keep them interested in the lessons while walking them through the foundational steps of learning a language. They’ll start with the alphabet and slowly work their way toward our graded stories.
  • Arabic for teens – These classes are geared toward middle and high school students. They allow students to go at their own pace, so if they memorize the alphabet quickly, they can immediately move on to other lessons.
  • Arabic for adults – We offer Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial, and Quranic Arabic classes for adults.

Learning a new language is an ongoing process. There’s always something new to discover, no matter your age or experience.

Give someone the chance to start studying a new language and it’s something they can continue to enjoy for years to come.