Whether you’re a college student looking for your first job to launch a career or you’re a professional going back to school to advance in your career, you have probably heard that learning another language is essential. Being fluent in more than one language will make you stand out from other applicants and open up new career opportunities in countries around the world.

What language should you study? There are many out there: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese. What about Arabic?

If you’re looking to advance in the field of business, learning the Arabic language has many advantages. The largest advantages of learning Arabic for business include:

1. Increased business opportunities.

Technology has made the world smaller, making it more connected than ever. Countries in the Middle East where Arabic is predominately spoken, have become big players in the world economy and in international business. Learning Arabic will enable you to travel and work in these powerful countries.

2. Have an advantage over the competition.

While most students study a more well-known language, you can easily stand out from other job applicants. While other students are studying Chinese or Spanish, you’ll make an impact with your fluency in Arabic. There may be specific positions where only Arabic speaking applicants will do the best in.

3. There is a high demand for Arabic speaking applicants.

In fact, there are many international business, humanitarian and governmental jobs that continually seek applicants who are fluent in Arabic. In some industries, like the government, there is a lack of fluent Arabic speakers. With Middle Eastern countries continued growth on the impact of world affairs, the need for Arabic speakers will only continue to increase.

4. Provides opportunities to serve, reach out to and help an under-served and misunderstood group of people.

The vast majority of Arabic speaking people are Muslims. With the news on the actions of radical Islamists, many Americans fear Muslims and those speaking Arabic. Learning Arabic will empower you to advocate for Muslims in the U.S. and educate people about their culture.
This advocacy will open up job possibilities in various organizations that you may or may not have considered. Being able to understand both sides will make you a valuable international business person, negotiator and translator.

5. It can help educate yourself about the world.

When you learn a language, you come to learn the culture as well. Learning about the Arabic culture by learning Arabic will open your eyes to a culture many are unfamiliar with.
You can share your learning of the Arabic culture with others, which can be a major international business relations asset you can offer to any global business.
Learning Arabic will not only make you stand out from other job applicants, and offer the opportunity to work in influential Middle Eastern countries. Learning Arabic will help teach you about the Arabic culture which can help you be a successful business negotiator, translator, and advocate.

To effectively learn Arabic, you need a certified, quality, reputable Arabic language school. There are many to choose from, but only a few can offer the Arabic language education you need to advance in your business goals.

One such quality Arabic language school is the Arab Academy. All our classes are online, making them affordable and accessible for even the busiest student. All our instructors are native Arabic speakers and our teaching techniques have been highly successful in helping our students to learn and retain their Arabic language skills.

If you’re ready to learn Arabic and achieve your professional goals, get started today!