Expert Teachers

Student-Teacher interaction is an integral part of our program. With our dedicated & qualified native-speaking teachers, you will always find the guidance you need.


There is no doubt that modern technology does play a critical role in language learning, and we are the first ones to champion this aspect of technology. However, we are also strong believers that technology both cannot, and should not, completely replace what we call the “human element” of teaching. A few facts about our “human element” feature:

1. Arab Academy has more than 80 dedicated Arabic teachers
2. All our teachers are native speakers of Arabic with advanced teaching degrees in the Arabic language
3. All composition exercises in our online courses are graded by one of our highly qualified Arabic teachers, who will also provide you with personalised feedback
4. You can interact with our teachers through the one-on-one speaking classes.

Please note that all the above mentioned services are provided without extra charge to paying learners, with the exception of speaking classes, which need to be booked separately.

Phone: +20 111 670 4021 - +20 111 218 0305
Fax: +20 227955201
3 Alif Kamil El-Shinnawi Street,
Garden City 11451, Cairo , Egypt