The Arabic language is a Semitic language with a rich cultural history. Over 300 million people worldwide speak Arabic, and learning how to speak it can be advantageous in many areas of life. There are many different Arabic dialects, and learning each has its benefits. Here is more information on which Arabic dialect you should learn first:

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Dialect

Before deciding which Arabic language dialect you should learn first, consider your personal goals and preferences. Some students may want to be able to read and understand the Quran, while some may want to watch Arabic media and be able to converse with locals while traveling. Both of these goals would call for a different dialect of Arabic. If you prefer a certain Arabic dialect, choosing to learn it first can help you stay motivated throughout the process. Having a passion for the language or dialect you’re learning can help you stay on track with your goals.

Dialects We Teach at Arab Academy

At Arab Academy, we teach two main Arabic dialects: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of 25 countries. Arabs generally use MSA for formal occasions, including government documents and news broadcasts. MSA can give you a good foundation of Arabic vocabulary and grammar. Modern Standard Arabic is also the Arabic language dialect of the Quran. For those whose primary goal is to read and understand the Quran or understand Islamic Arabic, starting with MSA can help build a solid foundation.

Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is one of the widely spoken dialects. It is the dialect that many Arabs use in their everyday lives. While it is the native dialect of Egypt, it is also spoken across multiple other countries. Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is also used in most Arabic entertainment, including movies and music. We recommend that beginners start by learning the Egyptian dialect if their main goal is to speak fluently with other Arabic speakers. It may also be the right dialect for you if you want to learn Arabic for entertainment or business reasons.

Learn the Arabic Language With Arab Academy

Learning either the Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic dialect can help you learn the Arabic language and understand its vocabulary and structure. The dialect you choose can vary based on your goals. Choose MSA if your goal is to learn Arabic to read and understand the Quran. MSA or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic are both great options if you want to travel to Arabic countries and be able to speak with locals in their language and dialect. Your course advisor can help you choose a dialect if you are having trouble deciding. Arab Academy offers a large online library of Arabic courses with around 300 lesson options. We also give our students the opportunity to speak 1-on-1 with native speakers to help students become conversational more quickly. Contact us for more information, or sign up today to start learning Arabic.