Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide. If you want to learn the Arabic language, Arab Academy offers reputable and efficient online resources to get you started.

Modern Standard Arabic Language

Modern Standard Arabic is the standardized version of Classical Arabic. It is used in written media, audiovisual, universities, and other formal situations. Arab Academy offers several Modern Standard Arabic courses for children, teens, and adults, including:

Arabic 100

Arabic 100 is suitable for beginners or those who are relearning. It includes an Arabic script and sound system introduction. Completing this course will require 40 hours whereby the student will be able to:

  • Distinguish between the Arabic letters in their oral and written forms.
  • Distinguish the shape of the letter when it comes in the beginning, middle or end of the word.
  • Read simple 3-4 letter words.
  • Write the letters correctly in the beginning, middle and end of the word.
  • Learn some simple vocabulary related to everyday life.

Arabic 101

Do you understand the Arabic alphabet but know little beyond this level? Arabic 101 course focuses on daily student encounters. Completing it gives you the skills to communicate with native speakers.

Whether narrating your routines, asking for prices when shopping, or ordering food at a foreign restaurant, the course allows you to grasp these forms of communication. Arabic 101 covers topics such as:

  • Arabic Culture
  • Self as Part of a Team
  • Social Interaction
  • Marital Traditions
  • Socializing

Arabic 102

This course is appropriate for students who understand Arabic essential communication functions and the alphabet. It helps learners understand possible circumstances they might encounter when they visit the Middle East.

The course takes 80 hours, and at the end, the student will be able to talk with native Arabic speakers in daily life situations. These may include asking for directions, visiting sites, and ordering food.

Arabic 103

Learners familiar with Modern Standard Arabic Language and looking to advance to professional communication can consider this course. It exposes the students to authentic and simplified material, preparing them for the next level by covering:

  • Assessment and Overview
  • Technology and the Society
  • Planning for the Future
  • Culture
  • Marriage
  • Traditional Markets
  • Society
  • Feasts
  • Biography

Arabic 201

These lessons rely on Arab world newspaper articles revolving around various themes, and they discuss and review the language structure. The focus is on professional topics such as accommodation, family, health care, traditional Arts, and society.

After completing the 80 hours, learners will be able to read and understand Arabic newspaper articles touching on different areas, such as:

  • Rural-urban migration
  • Profitable investment
  • Finding an apartment
  • Natural herbs
  • Marital vacation
  • Abortion
  • Poverty

Arabic 202

The course allows learners to access various Arabic newspaper articles and discuss and review the language structure. The lessons aim to expose students to different topics, including Arab Songs, modern societies, markets, and crime.

After the course completion, the learner will be able to read Arabic newspapers with a proper understanding of the covered topics. These may include historical markets, weak memory, depression, crime, and negligence.

Arabic 203

Intermediate high-level learners can benefit from these lessons. The course consists of Arabic world newspapers. The course language intertwines cultural aspects with material focusing on Arab leaders, entertainment, economic issues, traditional arts, and educational topics.

After the course completion, the student will be able to discuss Arabic world newspaper articles relating to stereotypes, humanitarian issues, weapons, and the third millennium.

Arabic 301

Arabic 301 involves advanced lessons to assist learners in enhancing their Modern Standard Arabic understanding. The course combines articles from various Arab magazines discussing and reviewing diverse topics. Classes emphasize complex sentence structures, link words, and professional issues.

The course exposes students to authentic texts. Lessons involve articles touching on messages, women, food, Arab authors, and Arab medicine.

Arabic 302

Arabic 302 lessons cover various topics from Arabic world newspaper articles. Learners gain exposure to these topics and understand how to deal with them. These may include economic science, economic problems, education, environment, and marriage.

Arabic 303

After completing Arabic 303, learners will be able to articulate their thoughts on various topics covered in the course. The lessons help students to express their views on these topics with ease and enable them to grasp more than the primary ideas discussed in the particular articles.

Students participate passively in formal and informal society exchanges of topics concerning leisure activities, home, school, and work. Arabic 303 helps learners to understand a variety of topics on a higher level, including:

  • Negligence
  • Technology
  • Environmental Issues
  • Struggle and Terrorism
  • Human Rights

AB Initio / GCSE

The course has three levels. Students get introduced to the alphabet and continue to learn more about situations they may encounter while in school or their daily activities. Learners will grasp communicating with Arabic natives through expressing themselves and conversing.

The lessons enable them to discuss social issues within their environment with their peers. The course covers topics such as:

  • Social life
  • School life
  • Community life
  • Student life
  • Leisure time
  • Teen culture
  • Homelife

Kid’s Arabic

Arab Academy is an excellent way for kids to learn Arabic online as it incorporates interesting puzzles and short stories, making it simple. These relate to essential topics for kids, including animals, outings, food, numbers, colors, and jobs.

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