Technical Requirements

The Arab Academy’s courses are highly interactive. To take full advantage of the interactivity of the courses, the following minimum system requirements are required:

1. Hardware requirements

– 12 Mbps or higher internet connection
– Sound Card
– Speakers
– Microphone (for speaking classes)

2. Software requirements

Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome.
Zoom : Download and install Zoom, Follow the directions to create an account.

3. Prepare your Computer for best display

– Screen Resolution 1024 X 768 or more

To set your Screen to a higher resolution follow the steps below: 
1. Go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel 
2. Double Click on Display then click on Settings. 
3. Adjust Screen Area to the maximum settings allowed: 1024 X 768 or more.

4. Preparing your Computer to enter Arabic text

Click on the link below: 
Arabic Language Support

5. Test your system

Click on the link below:
System check

Phone: +20 111 670 4021 - +20 111 218 0305
Fax: +20 227955201
3 Alif Kamil El-Shinnawi Street,
Garden City 11451, Cairo , Egypt

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