Deciding whether to learn to speak or write Arabic first depends on your goals and priorities. We can help you learn Arabic wherever you are at Arab Academy. Here are a few questions to consider when making your decision:

What Are Your Goals?

Determine your intentions; if you plan on communicating verbally in Arabic, then focus on learning to speak Arabic. If you want to write a letter in Arabic to a friend or colleague, writing may be a more efficient way of communicating.

If your main goal is to gain a deeper understanding of Arabic literature and culture or pursue academic studies in Arabic, developing strong writing skills may be your top priority. Written Arabic includes the script, grammar, vocabulary, and the ability to comprehend and compose written texts.

Do You Have a Timeline? 

Choose whether or not you have a timeline you would like to follow. If you have an upcoming trip that requires you to speak Arabic, learning to speak the language would be more helpful. For those who are simply learning because they want to, you can spread out your timeline and begin with writing. Be sure to give yourself enough time to learn Arabic at a speed that is beneficial for you.

In Which Way Do You Learn Best? 

Consider which way you learn best; some find it easier to learn a language through communicating orally, while others like a more structured approach with worksheets and textbooks. Learning to read and write Arabic focuses on the fundamentals of the language. By learning to speak Arabic first, you may grasp social connotations that you could’ve missed while writing. Think about your learning style and what method aligns better with your strengths and preferences.

How Comfortable Are You Learning a New Type of Script?

You can determine whether writing or speaking Arabic is a good fit for you by studying the script. Ask yourself whether you can dedicate time to understanding the Arabic alphabet, shapes, and diacritical marks. The Arabic alphabet is complex, and adequate time for learning it is key for those who want to write in the language.

Can You Follow Instruction Well? 

Following instructions is beneficial to both writing and speaking Arabic. Make sure that you have the necessary resources to learn the language in the way you want. Those who want to speak Arabic will need to follow an instructor well. You can receive feedback and guidance on your dialect with an instructor. Instruction may look different when you choose to write Arabic first. Consider your ability to follow directions when you choose which method to learn first.

Do You Want To Learn Arabic With Us? 

At Arab Academy, we can help you learn to speak and write Arabic. You can learn on your own timeline and with instructors to help guide you. Learning to read, write, and speak the Arabic language can assist you in your cultural comprehension. Contact Arab Academy to learn more about our program and how it can benefit you.