This month, Arab Academy is featuring Antonio Dauria from the United States. Antonio joined our classroom program in Cairo for 3 weeks. Read on to hear about his experience learning Arabic.

Why did you choose to learn Arabic?

Arabic is a language from a rich culture of many centuries spoken by millions of people around the world. I love the Arabic and Islamic culture.

Why did you choose to learn at Arab Academy?

For its reputation and for the great Experience I had previous times with Arab academy.

How has learning Arabic Impacted your life?

I have been able to gradually understand more and more watching TV, or when listening to music.

Has Arab Academy changed or impacted your life in any other way?  If so, how?

The Arab Academy has become like a second home for me. Everyone is very welcome and does everything to make my experience the best.

How Arab Academy is unique compared to other language centers/ online courses you have tried?

The language program developed by Arab academy is excellent. Its teachers are highly qualified, the communication between the school and students is prompt and attentive.

What would you tell someone who is interested in learning Arabic, but hasn’t yet tried it out?

The language is complex and it requires lots of dedication, but the reward of language such beautiful and amazing language is incomparable.