Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is the official Arabic language used in formal settings, classrooms, offices, courts, and media houses. MSA is a modern counterpart of classic Arabic and offers the foundation for learning different Arabic dialects. At Arab Academy, we teach standard, colloquial, and Islamic Arabic lessons. Our courses can help you get familiar with the Arabic alphabet, word construction, speech, and written forms.

Our MSA Courses

Arab Academy offers leading online programs to help you learn Arabic effortlessly. We also have in-person classes, which are perfect if you live in Egypt. Our courses are customized to help you learn quickly. We have MSA courses for adults, teens (middle/high school), and children. To make learning simple, we divide our courses into familiar sections. You will encounter standard modules, including Arabic 100-103, 201-203, and 301-303.

Each module targets different learners in their progression to mastering the Arabic language. Some of our students come with a background in Arabic, while others start with no past knowledge. By the end of module 303, you should have complete mastery of the Arabic language. We recommend continued reading and practice, which are needed when learning any language.

Here is an overview of our different courses and what they offer:

  1.    Modules 100 to 103

Arabic 100 is the starting point for anyone without past knowledge of the language. Also known as Arabic for beginners, it introduces the Arabic alphabet, sound system, script, pronunciation, and letter writing. Arabic 101 and 102 are for students who have known the alphabet but have little to no further knowledge. The courses involve learning how to communicate with native speakers about daily life situations.

You can learn how to order food, ask for directions, shop and ask for prices, and more. Once you are familiar with the daily life situations, you will begin Arabic 103, which revolves around communication about professional topics. The course aims at helping you bridge the gap between the beginner and intermediate levels. By the end of the course, you will know how to communicate about daily life situations, complete biographies, and describe various aspects of life.

  1.    Module 201 to 203

Arabic 201 to 203 are courses designed for those at the intermediate level of understanding of the Arabic language. The course helps you enhance your ability to understand newspaper articles from different parts of the Arabian world. Arabic 201 reinforces linguistic skills at the reception and production levels by addressing popular subjects. By the end of the modules, you should be able to communicate with educated Arabs concerning various professional topics.

With this course, you can comfortably speak about society, healthcare, traditional arts, accommodation, and family. Arabic 202 focuses on health, Arab markets, humanity issues, marriage, disease, music, and more. We also provide Arabic 203, which examines newspapers about education, economic problems, heritage, international issues, and other topics. At this stage, you can become an intermediate high-level learner, able to communicate with any educated Arabic speaker.

  1.    Module 301 to 303

The Arabic modules 301 to 303 are advanced courses we offer for students learning Modern Standard Arabic. The learning examines diverse professional topics, complex sentence structures, and word linking. Arabic 301 covers Arab medicine, the science of economics, the environment, Arab authors, and international politics.
We also have Arabic 302, which covers culture, heritage, sports, Egyptian characters, religion, and science. By the end of the module, you should have no problem comprehending professional text and complex structures used in modern publications. Arabic 303 is the most advanced stage in our MSA course. We examine newspaper articles about negligence, struggle and terrorism, human rights, technology, and environmental issues.

MSA for Children, Teens & Adults

We offer Modern Standard Arabic courses at Arabic Academy for anyone wanting to learn the Arabic language. Our classes are grouped into three main categories: children, teens, and adults. MSA courses for adults target those looking to learn the standard language for work and social interactions. We have flexible schedules and online classes you can attend from anywhere. The courses cover diverse topics that will take you from novice to advanced.

Our teen courses focus on social, school, community, and student life. We also cover leisure time, teen culture, historical/current events, and home life. Arab Academy also features courses for children. Helping children learn Arabic from a younger age gives them the best chance of mastering the language. We have competent programs customized to your needs. Our goal is to help you learn the Arabic language conveniently.

Learning the Arabic Alphabet

Learning to speak/write the Arabic language starts with mastering the alphabet. The Arabic alphabet comprises 29 letters written from right to left in a cursive style. Mastering the alphabet gives you the foundation to understand words, linking, sentences, and publications.

At Arab Academy, we offer competitive programs to help anyone at any stage. Whether you have no background in the language or have the basics locked down, our courses can advance your knowledge. Enrolling with our school takes you through an exciting journey to learn how to speak Arabic for work, school, or personal enrichment.