Kids FAQ

How does the kids course work?

Our program is composed of two parts that complement each other:
1. Online courses: Where the students study at their own pace. The course is available 24/7, you can access it at any time.
2. Speaking classes: Where the students meet online with a native teacher via Skype once or twice a week, 50 minutes each. Those are one on one meetings. They greatly improve the oral communication skills and builds confidence in speaking Arabic. The students choose the days and times of these meetings by themselves through an online booking system they get access to upon registration. Classes are offered 6 days a week.

How does your online program work? Do you have a demo I can see?

We can schedule a live demo sessions for you with one of our student advisers over Skype. This will allow you to experience our award-winning platform for yourself. To schedule your demo session, please visit the following page:

How many hours per week does the child study Arabic?

We recommend 5 hour per week.

What is the youngest are that a child can participate in the native-speaking courses?

5 years.

How much of the program is self-study and how much involves contact with the teacher? What is the role of the parents?

Self study presents 70% of the program, and contact with the teacher is 30%. The program is highly interactive. Activities, puzzles and games will keep your children engaged as they learn Arabic. The role of parents will be to follow up on completion on the online course work and help with instructions when needed.

How many classes will we be having in a week and their duration?

Number of the classes will depend on the subscription plan select. The class duration is 50 minutes.
We offer two plans:
Silver: 4 Per month
Gold: 8 per month

Is the timing offering of the class flexible?

Yes, the schedule is flexible. Teachers are available for 18 hours a day for 6 days a week including the weekend.

What are the prices?

We have special subscription plans for children. Fees are $15 per month to access the online materials only and you can choose the speaking plan you prefer. Optional speaking classes are also available.
Please visit the following link for more information:

You offer two payment options, $15/month and $99/month. Which one is for the children course?

The kids plan is $15 per month for unlimited access to the online materials, and you can add a speaking classes plan (Optional). We offer two speaking plans for kids; Silver ($51 for 4 classes /month) and Gold ($71 for 8 classes /month). The $99 is one of the adult courses subscription plans.

How would your program prepare the child for a return to the educational system in Arab countries?

Our program helps students maintain their Arabic language skills including reading comprehension, Listening, writing, grammar as well as speaking.

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