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Kid’s Course Testimonials

Arab academy is a great, engaging and educational program that will teach you Arabic regardless of your level.  The teachers as well as the administrators of Arab academy have always been responsive to my emails and care tremendously about the success of the institution and the program.  The teachers are amazing and engaging to the kids.  My kids initially thought that Arabic was a difficult language, however after being in the program for sometime, they seem to have grown to like the language as the teachers made Arabic appear easier.  My kids have been enrolled in arab academy for almost two years and have benefited tremendously.  We live in the US and my kids can now read Arabic  short stories as well as write.  Their speaking has also improved dramatically at home, they appear to have gained confidence in themselves speaking the language.  I am planning to continue the program for a while and I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to learn, read, write and speak this rich language.

Youmna Mohamed

As soon as I signed up for Arab Academy online courses, I was immediately contacted and offered an orientation, I was recommended a trial speaking lesson – organised for the next day! The teacher was great, the kids loved the speaking lessons and the online games. It’s fun, it’s all super efficient and the booking system is so convenient. Honestly I am super impressed, I already recommended it to 3 people already. Finding a good way to teach our children Arabic is really a major problem for us living abroad, although there are Arabic schools some are not local or involve an extra day at the weekend but with Arab Academy we can fit it around our lifestyle. It’s amazing!


We have been with Arab Academy now for approximately 2 years.  We currently have three of our children enrolled in Arab Academy and our youngest child will soon be enrolled.  We have been incredibly happy with the quality of the materials, the teaching style, and the incredible teachers we have access to.  Also, since we are a homeschooling family, we love that we can easily fit appointments when it is most convenient for us.

Two of my children are in the high school program and we have been fortunate enough to get our school to accept their course hours as their foreign language requirement. The teachers are dedicated and hard working, and they really start to feel like a part of our family.  My children really love them and speak about them often.  Also, not only has Arab Academy met our needs, but as we have grown with Arab Academy, the program has also grown.   Arab Academy has given me the opportunity to teach my children… and for that, I am incredibly grateful.  In the future, I hope I will have the opportunity to learn with them too.  Thank you, Arab Academy!
Sumayyah Jameson

My three teenage children have been with Arab Academy now for about a year and a half. They do lessons 6 days a week. We are very happy with the program, the teachers and the administration- the support they give us is truly AMAZING.

Seeing my children learn Arabic while also enjoying it at the same time is a miracle and I can not express my gratitude enough. The teachers are always on time and very professional. Arab Academy is inexpensive and definitely worth every cent.

This program has been a great blessing for me and my family.
Thank You Arab Academy- WE LOVE YOU!

Umm Umar and CO.

Last summer I was looking for ways for my children to continue learning Arabic as they learn in a weekend Arabic school here in Canada which only operates during the academic year. I came to know that Arab Academy was offering an online summer program for children and I registered 2 of my children who are close in age.

Their progress was really amazing. and I registered my older daughter as well, she has in only a couple of months started improving quite a bit and now writes essays in Arabic weekly for her teacher to correct.

I would highly recommend Arab Academy to all parents who are struggling to find Arabic instructors for their children.

Umm Fatimah

The Arabic course from Arab Academy has been a wonderful experience for my children and has been a great way for them to learn Arabic. The course curriculum is highly interactive with in depth content, examples and exercises and takes the children from the basics of the language all the way to advanced grammer. The teachers (especially Aasem) are excellent in teaching the nuances of the language and help the children pick up speed from ground up. The one-one video classes with the teachers help the children speak and understand the language much quicker than it was previously possible.  They are always punctual and push the children to do more. Within two years of starting the courses, my children have reached proficiency equivalent to high school level.

Hasan Muhammad

My son has been taking Arabic classes online through Arab Academy. I and my wife speak Arabic but we needed someone who has teaching experience to teach him Arabic (we couldn’t do it ourselves). We are extremely satisfied with his progress. The best thing we like about Arab Academy is the quality of teachers (Ms. El-Assal, Mrs. Bakr, Ms. Emad, Ms. Rehab,…). They are really nice and very professional. We like also the timely response to our emails and eagerness to address our concerns. In summary, our experience has been very positive and we feel that our son is in good hands. Thank you!

Mohammed Hakima
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