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The Arabic used in the Quran, or the Islamic holy book, is called classical or Quranic Arabic. It is slightly different than the modern standard Arabic that is predominantly used in everyday life. The major difference is in some of the wording. Students can learn Quranic Arabic online and begin to get a whole new perspective on the language. Students interested in taking these Quranic or Islamic Arabic courses are encouraged to have a firm grasp of modern standard Arabic beforehand.

Stories of the Prophets:

These online Quran classes are based on the verses that relate to six prophets. The class will begin with the first prophet, Adam, and progress in chronological order, including the stories about the life of the prophet Muhammad.

Tajweed (Quaran Recitation Rules):

Arabic is a delicate language where even the slightest mispronunciation can drastically alter the meaning of a word. To preserve the meaning and respect of the Quran, there are reading rules in place for the reader of the Quran. These rules are called tajweed.

When you learn Quranic Arabic online with us, you will be taught the various tajweed rules and have practice reciting the Quran. Specifically, you will get to learn the verses and what each word within them means. You can click on any word in the chapter to hear it spoken and to get its translation. A color-coded tajweed rule key will also be available to you for every word. You will also hear an explanation of why each tajweed rule is present for each word.

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