Learning Arabic language can open career opportunities and help you delve deeper into the cultures of the Arabic countries. Arab Academy can help you become fluent in Arabic and unlock the doors of opportunities associated with the language. Here’s how we can help you:

Pairing You with a Course Advisor 

Arab Academy offers two versions of Arabic — colloquial and Modern Standard Arabic. Our Colloquial Arabic courses include colloquial 101, targeting learners with little to no knowledge of Egyptian Arabic, colloquial 102, targeting students who have studied Colloquial Arabic previously for a semester, and colloquial 103, for intermediate learners. We divide our Modern Standard Arabic courses into groups targeting different competency levels and learning objectives.

The role of a course advisor is to guide you through the different courses and help you choose the best one based on your goals and proficiency. Your course advisor will work with you from the beginning. They will also guide you as you progress to higher learning levels.

Offering Classes 24/7

The more you study Arabic, the more likely you will achieve fluency. Arab Academy supports learners by offering an extensive library of online courses around the clock. Students can access learning resources any time they’re free and schedule one-on-one sessions to ask questions when it’s most convenient for them.

Our 24/7 resources allow students to learn at their own pace, reducing feelings of anxiety, frustration, and boredom. You can always go back and read through anything you don’t understand. Self-paced learning can improve your chances of reaching fluency quickly.

Working With Native Arabic Speakers

Arabic is different from other languages. You need to omit vowels when writing, use verbs before the subject, and form sounds from the back of the throat when speaking. Doing this requires a fresh mindset, especially if you’re used to speaking and writing English as the two languages share little in common.

A native Arabic speaker can help you better understand written Arabic language rules and teach you proper pronunciation to avoid making common mistakes. Arab Academy works with native speakers to improve the quality of our courses. You can schedule one-on-one calls or video conferences with our native Arabic teachers to seek clarification.

Offering Immersion Programs

Listening to Arabic music, watching Arabic movies, and surrounding yourself with Arabic speakers can help you learn more than you would in a typical classroom. You can pick up language used in everyday interactions, allowing you to blend with native speakers.

Arab Academy runs an immersion program to help students practice their newly acquired language. We take learners to Cairo, Egypt, for 4-32 weeks for a learning adventure. During this time, we offer language classes and encourage learners to delve into Arabic culture to aid their learning goals.

Learn the Arabic Language

Arab Academy can open career and social doors for you by helping you speak Arabic fluently. We offer one of the world’s largest Arabic language course libraries. We work with native speakers to continually improve our services. Our immersion programs help to test our learners’ Arabic and identify areas that need improvement. Contact us to get started learning Arabic.