Check Out our Free Entertaining Resources

This page contains material available free of charge to all Arab Academy visitors. We continuously add and update material to this page so feel free to come back periodically!

Arabic Keyboard
This is an Arabic keyboard that you can use to practice typing in Arabic.

Arabic Alphabet
This is a presentation introducing you to the basics of the Arabic alphabet.

Hajj Rituals
This is a presentation introducing you to the basic rituals of the Hajj pilgrimage.

Learn How to Pray
This is a presentation with information on how to perform prayers in Islam.

Learn Arabic English translation of 99 names of Allah
This is a song by an Egyptian artist called Hisham Abbas presenting the 99 names of Allah in a nice musical way.

Learn Tajweed
This presentation includes an explanation on “Nasal Assimilation”, which is one of the rules of “Tajweed”.  Following the explanation, our online Quran classes also comprise a wide range of interactive activities to enforce the rules that were taught.  Join our courses to learn all the rules of “tajweed”.

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