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Arabic Dialect Courses

At Arab Academy, we are passionate about helping you learn a new language. We want you to feel confident using Arabic in everyday situations with native speakers.

That’s why student-teacher interactions are such an integral part of our program. As you work closely with our native-speaking teachers, you’ll begin to master the necessary vocabulary and grammar in a more immersive way.

This is particularly important as you go beyond the basics and begin to discover different dialects and how they are used in different Arabic-speaking countries.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers can help you learn these dialects through fun and interactive methods. We offers courses in:

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    Modern Standard Arabic

    This dialect is the official language of 22 different Arab countries. It differs slightly from Classical Arabic in that it has a more contemporary vocabulary. However, while MSA does evolve to include modern expressions, it remains the official dialect for all formal occasions.

    Discover more about our courses in Modern Standard Arabic.

    Egyptian Colloquial

    While colloquial dialects can change from country to country, or even region to region, Egyptian colloquial is generally understood across most Arabic-speaking countries. It is easily the most widely spoken varieties of Arabic because it used in a lot of popular movies and music.

    Sign up for lessons in Egyptian Colloquial.

    Islamic Arabic

    This is also called Quranic Arabic and is the classical form of the language. These classes are particularly geared toward students who are interested in learning more about the Quran. There are many rules here that help preserve and respect the Quran, and you’ll discover how to use them correctly.

    Register for our classes in Islamic Arabic.

    Online Courses for Teens & Kids

    Before diving into specific dialects, though, it’s important to have a strong foundation in the Arabic language.

    At Arab Academy, we offer a range of courses geared toward teens and children to help them gain the vocabulary and grammar they need to begin learning this language. Younger learners have a couple of options, depending on their age:

    AB Initio/GCSE

    These classes are designed for middle school and high school students. The courses help students focus on daily situations so they can learn to communicate and express themselves in basic, everyday interactions. You can learn more about the courses here.

    Arabic Courses for Kids

    We make it easy for kids between kindergarten and fifth grade to start learning another language. These courses are designed to engage young learners, teaching them the Arabic alphabet and other important basics through short stories and situations related to their age. You can get more details here.


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