Now that we’ve crossed over into the new year, a lot of people are going to take some time to reanalyze and re-examine their goals and daily activities and try to find places where they can make some positive changes.

Others are just going to take this as an opportunity to try new things and start new adventures.

Naturally, at a time like this, here at Arab Academy we’re going to recommend getting started with online language lessons. However, we understand that not everyone is ready to commit to an extended series of courses when they’re unsure how the program actually works.

So, that’s why our actual recommendation is not necessarily for our online Arabic courses (though if you are ready to jump right in, we highly support that choice, too).

Instead, we’re going to recommend starting the new year with a free Arabic lesson.


There’s a lot of great reasons to get started with a “free sample,” for example:

  1. To kickstart your New Year’s resolution

The new year is traditionally a time when we set new goals and resolutions. It is also traditionally the time when we immediately forget about them – often because we aren’t actually sure how to get started.

This year, resolve to learn a new language and find out how you can get started with your free lesson in Arabic.

  1. To do something new this year

Sometimes it isn’t about following through with a resolution. Sometimes, it’s just about doing something new. In our busy lifestyles, we often get trapped in the same routines. Day after day, following the same plan without anything new to make things more interesting.

Learning new things can be very beneficial for our mental health. Try out one of our free lessons and find out if this is something new you want to experience.

  1. To test the system for yourself

Maybe you’ve been considering language lessons for a while, but you just haven’t been sure if an online course is right for you. What is it like to work at your own pace outside a classroom? What is it like to have one-on-one lessons with native speakers? You’ll get to try this all out for yourself and discover if this fits your individual learning style.

  1. To do more things as a family

Learning a new language as a family can be a great experience that helps build stronger bonds and creates great memories. You will be able to provide accountability for each other, play games together, test each other, and encourage each other. It is a lot of fun – it just requires you to take that first step.

  1. To start exploring the world from your home

Over the last couple of years, travelling has been a lot more challenging than it was in the past. However, a lot of us discovered new ways to experience other cultures from our own homes. The sights, sounds, and cuisine of Arabic-speaking countries can all be experienced from in your home. With a little bit of effort, you can introduce things easily enough. However, getting to experience the language from your home will take a little guidance.

And one of our free lessons is all you really need to get started.

At Arab Academy, we have a lot of experience introducing people to the language. We also help experienced students maintain their language skills when they wouldn’t have any other outlet to practice with native speakers. We work with adults and children, and we provide individualized feedback to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every lesson.

And that includes our free lesson.

All you have to do is go to this page and provide a little information about yourself to book your lesson. This way, we’ll be able to set up a time that fits in your schedule and prepare a lesson that fits your current language level and preferred Arabic dialect.

Don’t wait any longer. We’re just starting a fresh, new year. There’s no better time than right now to sign up for a free Arabic lesson.