This month, Arab Academy is featuring Sara Paganoni from Germany Sara joined our classroom program in Cairo for 2 weeks. Read on to hear about her experience learning Arabic.


Why did you choose to learn Arabic?


I have always had interest plus I have many Arabic friends and I often travel in the Middle East, both for work & leisure.


Why did you choose to learn at Arab Academy?


I found you on Internet and you were the best ones at replying emails and be contact a lot of other schools never replying my emails & calls.


How has learning Arabic Impacted your life?


Even if I cannot have full conversation yet I find people are even friendlier. If you can say a few words in their language & that helps me a lot when I am travelling.


Has Arab Academy changed or impacted your life in any other way?  If so, how?


Besides improving my Arabic, the people in the school gave me a nice welcome into the Egyptian way of life and culture & I made some good friends here, so that my time in Egypt was really unforgettable.  


How Arab Academy is unique compared to other language centers/ online courses you have tried?


Haven’t tried other courses, so I can’t really compare.


What would you tell someone who is interested in learning Arabic, but hasn’t yet tried it out?


That they should surely try, it’s always fun to learn a new language.