This month, Arab Academy is featuring Jackson Krase from the United States. Jackson joined our classroom program in Cairo for 3 weeks. Read on to hear about his experience learning Arabic.

Why did you choose to learn Arabic?

I wanted to learn Arabic because I am really interested in the Middle East culture.

Why did you choose to learn at Arab Academy?

I chose Arab Academy because they offered to create a personalized learning program.

How has learning Arabic Impacted Your life?

After Arab Academy I have more confidence in the language and a greater appreciation for Egypt.

Has Arab Academy changed or impacted your life in any other way?  If so, how?

Arab Academy also allowed me to talk with local Egyptian about life/ culture.

How Arab Academy is unique compared to other language centers/ online courses you have tried?

Arab Academy provided me with personal language instructors.

What would you tell someone who is interested in learning Arabic, but hasn’t yet tried it out?

I would say while the program entails hard work it is an extremely rewarding experience.