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The Best Arabic Learning Experience

"It was the best Arabic learning experience I've had yet. I would absolutely recommend it. It's much better than anything else I've ever done to learn Arabic."

Miles Galloway, USA

I enjoyed my time at the Academy

"I studied at the Arab Academy from September 2011 until May 2012 and I enjoyed my time at the Academy a lot. The online materials given to you work hand in hand with the material that we studied in the classroom. I have been studying Arabic for 2 years and I hadn't ever received such a detailed and intensive online programme that truly aided my work. The level of teaching was extremely high and the support given to you by various teacher was flexible and genuine. I'd recommend this programme to anyone wishing to begin or solidify their understanding of the Arabic language. The programme can cater to your language needs too."

EsmeThe University of Manchester

Thank You for Helping Me Succeed

"I think you have developed a superior method for learning Arabic and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me succeed. You are a light to those of us who live in a non-Arabic speaking country"

Zachary J Stebbins, USA

The Only Comprehensive Online Course with Affordable Prices

"The Arab Academy gave me the possibility to continue to improve my arabic skills on a daily basis. The online method backed by one to one lessons done through skype gave me the possibility to follow the course wherever I am. The coaching is as well helping and the teachers fully qualified. The Arab Academy is as far as I know the only comprehensive online course with affordable prices."

Patrick Haenni, Swittzerland

One of the Best Decisions that I Have Ever Made

"I began studying online with the Arab Academy in 2008 and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! The best way to learn a language is by putting oneself in situations that force you to use it. I studied some Arabic before enrolling with the Arab Academy but I could never speak the language. Just a couple of weeks after I began my first course along with the Speaking Sessions, I was actually communicating and having conversations completely in Arabic! Now after three years, I can't wait to come to Cairo and meet with my amazing teachers face-to-face!"

Anne-Marie Poulos, USA

So Happy to Have Learned So Much

"My experience with the Arab Academy has been amazing, I am so happy to have learned so much and thank you for it!! I would definitely recommend these courses to others."

Tanya Meghani, USA

Teachers Focus on Encouraging Students!

"I especially enjoyed Arab Academy because the teachers focus on encouraging students to use the language from the beginning. I was able to overcome my fear of speaking Arabic to others. The program gave me confidence to speak to others in Arabic. Thank you Arab Academy!"

Kristine Hassan, USA

I Spent a Fantastic Time!

"I spent a fantastic time at Arab Academy! The teachers at are brilliant! They helped me improve my Arabic skills tremendously."

Sonja Schmidt, Germany

3 Months at Arab Academy Better than 2 Years at University

"Anyone serious about learning either classical or colloquial Arabic would be better off spending three months at the Arab Academy than spending two years at university classes."

Karen Arnold, UK

Teachers are Kind, Accommodating, Helpful and very Competent

"If you want to learn Arabic in an way that enables you to talk with people in the Middle East with a certain degree of fluency I think that Arab Academy is the place to study. I think the reason is that the teachers here at AA are native to the Arabic language and that you have the opportunity to have speaking lessons which helps you practicing your communication skills. I think that the focus on reading, writing, listening and talking is what make the AA so unique. I find that the teachers are kind, accommodating and helpful and very competent, they will do all they can to help you progress. So don't hesitate to try this place out."

Kirsten Schmidt, Denmark


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