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Life Style: General Observation – By: Maria

I born in a Middle East country in a middle class family.

The country is not only rich  in oil.. but in culture and education too…a cradle  of human rights and the birth place of the  founders of education and technology,teachers  of essential values of human rights

Normally foreigners are welcomed and respected in middle east countries .


Probably there are less  initiative to base rules and regulations of the country for the advancement of the country. In most of the cases its a desviated  from basic values , unity no longer seems to be important.

Talent is  worth of-course but with hindrances,the job profile do not depend on  abilities,the career job factors are different. Priorities are based on political and bureaucratic  decisions  but not  on public welfare or human resource capital. The country have a good cultural  heritage


After my graduation I started  work or in other words here starts my economic independence.

The earning was of middle management post  dealing with export and trade.

My colleagues and I had the idea that the western countries are the advanced ones, and the workers have more liberty and rights.  The question  is were we right to think in these lines or it was only an independent observation based on mere information received ,our information source limited to communication means available in the country .

In order to have my own venture and experience I started traveling working abroad.

In the beginning  it seemed to be  bed of roses ;I started   observing in a different way, every thing was good as I was the only person responsible to take my own decision :in other way of looking was different,predetermined  ideas   with less visualization  of reality and not based on facts.

Soon I realized  that life is not a bed of roses. The reality  is different ..  a day to day struggle!

After a period of time I recognized that talents ,degrees con-validated human values  were worthless but the indication tact is some what different  …… a friendly  response  and the reality valued   en currency.

Currency or material wealth  converted into ability in  sophisticated way  in every sphere of life .

What is the origin of currency.. its a source  not a base ,the base is human resource capital ,the origin of human values in middle east countries where  The  Almighty  God blessed with all types of wealth

The question is who controls natural resources of the country ,including human resource capital ?


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